• Monday 16. – Thursday 19. November
    Informal Meetings around Athens
    Robin Hood crew is meetings with groups and people interested in customizing P2p financial tools for their use in Athens. Please contact projects at if you would be interested in setting up a meeting.
  • Friday 20. November
    Workshop on Financial Technologies
    akseliAndrea Fumagallicarlo_vercellonetizina_terranova
    13 - 19
    On Friday 20.11.15 we have a small workshop on Financial Technologies and the Political Economy of the Common, which has two aims: 1. To explicate how do the financial technologies work and what are their political consequences. How are assets accumulated in financial economy by using the common – our collective capacity to pay taxes, take on austerity and get more indebted – as collateral? 2. To approach finance as a place of creation, as a technology enabling us to do things, to create and act together on possibilities which would otherwise not exist. With Andrea Fumagalli, Carlo Vercellone and Robert Meister. Facilitated by Tiziana Terranova and Akseli Virtanen
  • Saturday 21. November
    PeerHood test casing and prototyping
    Screenshot 2015-11-10 19.37.31portrait-pekko1tere
    13 - 18
    On Saturday 21.11.15 we will run a testing/prototyping session of PeerHood: an analog simulation and demo of how this second generation P2P finance platform will work and play out in the hands of creative users, groups, networks, collectives and societies: how it can be used creatively to finance things people want to do, to collectively create into existence something that would otherwise not be possible, making one’s abilities, knowledge, networks liquid and opening continuously into new possibilities. Facilitated by Tere Vaden and Pekko Koskinen.


About us

Your Investment Cooperative

Protecting, renewing, and expanding the commons

Robin Hood is an activist hedge fund. We use financial technologies to democratize finance, expand financial inclusion, and generate new economic space. Robin Hood’s proposition is no different than it was 600 years ago in Sherwood: arbitrage the routes of wealth and distribute the loot as shared resources. Today we just use different methods to achieve the same: we analyze big data, write algorithms, deploy web-based technologies, and engineer financial instruments to create and distribute surplus profits for all. Why? Simply, we believe a more equitable world is a better one.